Head of Departments

Department of Animal Science

Departments of Animal Sciences

Mr. Vuai Abeid Vuai

Our philosophy/mission is to admit, train and produce individuals who are well equipped and balanced to take up the challenge of ensuring adequate animal protein supply and food security for the teaming population

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Departments of Crop Sciences

Mr. Burhan S. Ahmed

Crop Science is concerned with the selection, improvement and production of crops useful to man. It addresses the planting, maintenance, protection, harvesting, storage and aspects of post harvest handling of produce.

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Departments of Extension

Ms. Maryam A. Hassan

Agricultural development was conceptualised as a system held in place by three important links – agricultural education (which includes soil, crop and animal scientists as well as agricultural economists and extension experts), agricultural research and agricultural extension.
The omission of agricultural extension in the department programme was thought a serious one because research and other activities carried out in soil, crops and animals were useless unless their findings were made available.

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Departments of Agro-mechanization

Mr. Shaame M. Shaame

Agricultural Engineering is the area of engineering concerned with the design, construction and improvement of farming equipment and machinery. Agricultural engineers integrate technology with farming. For example, they design new and improved farming equipment that may work more efficiently, or perform new tasks. They design and build agricultural infrastructure such as dams, water reservoirs, warehouses, and other structures.

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Departments of Food Sciences Technology

Food Science and Technology is a field of integrated study of basic sciences, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Biotechnology, Engineering Technology for the development and management of food resources. The discipline exposes the nature, composition and properties of food materials and their behaviour during processing, handling, storage, distribution and utilization.

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