Institute Functions

Functions of KATI

According to Act No. 5 of 2007, it underlines the followings core functions. These are:

  • To conduct training in the agricultural sector and related assignment at different levels, both from public and private sectors
  • To design and conduct short and long term training courses in the public and private agricultural sector and other related fields
  • To organize seminars on matter of topical interest in agricultural sector in general
  • To conduct professional courses on regular basis with a view to develop skill of agricultural sector
  • To give advice to stake holders of agriculture
  • In collaboration with ZARI to carryout researches and consultant services in the field of agricultural sector to the government and private sector in view to provide insights into policy formulation, commercialization and modern management perspective.
  • To conduct any viable commercial activities for the purpose of generating income for the institute sustainability and for the creation of such reserve funds to meet future contingent liabilities as the council may think fit.
  • To prescribe and provide the award of certificates and other awards conferred or awarded by the institute.