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What is TEEAL?

TEEAL, or The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library, is a full-text and searchable database of articles from more than 425 high-quality research journals in agriculture and the related sciences. For many years, TEEAL has been improving access at institutions with limited Internet time and/or financial resources. It is a searchable, offline, digital library which contains mainly agriculturally focused reference journals updated annually and delivered by the TEEAL Project Office at Cornell University‚Äôs Mann Library.

Beginning with the 2012 Update of the collection, which accounts for the redesign of both the TEEAL hardware and software (and released back in August 2014), the collection arrives on a "mini computer" that you can run on one computer workstation or make available to multiple computers via your Local Area Network (LAN) or intranet. Subsequent annual updates are provided on flash drives.

Note: TEEAL only accessible within the learning center

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